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Legal Disclaimer

This website is maintained by Bebesi Law Office, registered with the Budapest Bar Association in accordance with the statutes and the internal regulations referring on lawyers, which together with the information on client rights can be found on the website:

The information furnished on present website serves only as general orientation. The published information does not constitute an offer, neither the acceptance of the lawyer’s brief. Bebesi Law Office does not provide any counsel or solution referring to the case through the Internet. Counsel and solution for the given legal matter are only provided after personal meeting and consultation, on the basis of available documentation and background information.

We take no responsibility for the completeness, accuracy, actuality of the information published on present website, neither for the results occurring by the use of such information. Furthermore we take no responsibility for any damage arising from the use of the website or from the reliance on presented information.

The website contains links to other websites. These websites are maintained and operated by independent, third parties, on whom Bebesi Law Office exercises no influence, as for this we take no responsibility for the availability, content or use of these websites.

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